The difference between #Death and #Flesh is that one makes you see clearer in #Life. #SeeWhatHeSees #MakingMomentsHistory
“Something I wrote 2 years ago, thought it was a perfect moment to share this :).. Enjoy!! Many people misconcept the terms of words……..Thank God for Google! They see Prayer as religion Bible studie’s as something a false person would do or for the weak. They think God is part of the term of Religion. Last time i checked in the Webster; God wasn’t even near religion. GOD is simply LOVE. He is what makes a simple hug change the rest of someone’s life. He is what makes a early start relationship accend to continue on… and makes there LOVE on going. He is what gives a complicated person some common sense to things He is what brings a good silence into your homes He is what gave your Dog the joy for everytime you came home or from a long trip to give you a Home welcome. He is what keeps you from not giving up from your dreams He is what keeps giving you the urge to start all over again to do right. He is what gives you the gift’s that not even this word can give a price to. He is spark to the idea you come up with to enrich this world of your fruit’s. He is what decide’s either to go on your own Mind or keeps calling your name. He is what give’s you the first breath to start to live on this awesome world. He is what give’s you the strength to take the first’s steps to walk when you were a young Child. He is what keeps your Mother and Father the passion to Teach you over and over again when you keep repeating the same question. He is what you are in righteous, in happiness, in dance,in celebrations one selfs confidence to bring light to this world. He is the feeling when you ran away from home and come’s back with an open arms from a father and a mother. He is the key for you to solve the life of the losts Aka.”Free souls”. He is YOU and you are ONE. and ONE is HE! He is neither Before or After….is is Simply present to your heart. -Isaac R.”
#Hope is found
Setting my mind to accept change in my life, and learn to unfold a red carpet for the soon coming King. #HowToWorshipAKing #ZachNeese Thank You Pastor @chadkenneth !!
“you dont fall out of love, you fall out of repentance. Repentance is determines how easy your love flows with one another”
“You can’t do anything on the opportunities you’ve missed but you can do everything on the opportunities to come.”
“I rather spread rumours of a scandal called grace.”
“Your never going to experience what you experienced yesterday, God is always bringing something new, fresh eachday; #FreshFireFreshWind #AnthonyShepherd”
“Embrace the season that your in, there’s a purpose for why things happen around you in your everyday routine and connections you make. Your Invited To Go Deeper And Seek.”
“When your walking with God, thing’s get chaotic, distorted, out of control but don’t be discouraged; Expect order to take place in a place out of order.”
“Everything that happens in Life there is always a reason, no coincidence. #InGodWeTrust”
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